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Flint Dance, February 8, 2015

Nutshell’s new blog

Hey everyone, welcome to Nutshell’s new blog. We’ll try to give you some interesting insights and anecdotes on the music and the band (and, what the heck, improve our SEO so people looking for a band that plays Irish traditional music in Michigan will find us). Hope you enjoy it.

Flint Dance February 8, 2015

We had a great time playing for the Flint Contra Dancers last Sunday! Caller Peter Baker called some really interesting, challenging dances and the dancers rose to the challenge. The sound was great and the band had lots of fun playing and responding to the changes from the dance floor. Peter related that, in one dance, something happened that had never happened in all his years of calling: every single dancer, as a group, skipped a whole phrase of the dance. That meant that what the band was playing no longer went with the dance properly! So Peter alerted us and we worked together with him to straighten it out. I think we were playing a reel at the time, and we had to play a couple extra A parts. We got the train back on the rails and we were off to the races (to mix some transportation metaphors).

Next up: a concert at the Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor on February 28th, 2015. We’ll do lots of singing at that one, since Susie will be out of town :-( . Also, we’ll have a special guest band opening for us: Harmony Bones, featuring Laz Slomovits, Jeanne Mackey, Eric Fithian and Nutshell’s own Linda & Tom. John Lloyd will join us on drums for a few numbers, too.

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